And let there be light…

It’s been a long and trying weekend, but I’m significantly closer to where I need to be. To start off, I was able to yank all of the lights out and started one by one working through the lights. The first order of business what to wiring up the light that had been eaten. I soldered and used heat shrink on the splice for the wince lights, and added waterproof connectors. I’m pleased with how they came out, even though I’ll have to re-do them. More on that later.

After getting everything up front laid out, I started plugging things in and that’s when the fun began. The drives side appeared to work correctly, but the passenger side was acting funny in all kinds of ways. The lights would just come on randomly with no consistency. I kept tracing the wires and not coming up with anything, even though everything seemed to be correct. That was, ultimately, correct. That’s of little comfort after having spent literally hours trying to figure it out. I ended up calling it quits before I really broke something.

When I went back to it this morning, fresh, I started isolating the power connections and running one at a time. I ended up finding that while the housings showed grounded when I put my multi-meter on them, when hot was applied, I lost both ground and subsequently voltage. I took a shot and ran a temporary ground and wallah, the lights started working. A single solitary ground had me running around lost. Such is life I guess. With that knowledge, I was able to button up the front with one issue left up front. My passenger grill signal light turn doesn’t work. It’s actually a socket issue, and not wiring, so I’m leaving it as is until I can buy a new housing. I’ll actually be buying the pair so I can have nice clear lenses on both sides. Regardless, the front harness is in good shape for now. This is where I’m going to have to re-do the connections I mentioned previously.

That allowed me to move on to the back. I had a short in the drivers side lamp, and the passenger side was acting unpredictably, so I had pulled them both out. Fortunately the passenger side appears to have been due to the issues from the front. I plugged the housing back in, and my initial tests revealed good connectivity. Marker, turn, and backup lights all worked. I then moved on to the passenger side. This housing was missing the connector, and had simple bullet type connectors plugged into the harness. Rather than cut the harness, I decided to do my testing with the connectors. I found the harness had parts of the old connector broken off in it, which was likely my issue. I fixed that, plugged everything in as it should be, and again my tests passed. I won’t be leaving it like this. I’m going to buy a new light with the correct connector so it’s done right. I could replace the connector on both ends, but don’t want to chop off the connector and have it different between the two sides.

This is where my next hurdle came in. I don’t have brake lights, and my flashers don’t work in the rear. I’m not sure what the issue there is, but I’m relatively certain that when I figure out the brake lights that the flashers will be resolved at the same time. We shall see. And that is my next order of business. Figure out the brake and rear hazard issue.

Once I have that working, I’ll be moving on to the dash. Hopefully that’s not too chewed up. An uber positive thing to note is my wife is encouraged and excited for our first excursion. It’s not going to happen too soon, obviously, but everything I get done gets me one step closer.

And now the obligatory pictures…

Another good day…

Yesterday was yet another good day. I received some consumables I was waiting on, and it allowed me to finish wiring up the temperature sending unit. That means that with the exception of actually tying and looming the wiring, the under hood stuff is done. The plan is to wait until I am done with all the wiring (within reason) before I close it in. You never know what might change.

I have since moved onto the other vital circuits (main lights, horn, etc.) and am slowly going through them. The dimmer switch was causing issues, and has been replaced. The horn needs a new relay, which is on order. I have at least one light that needs to be rewired, and there are plenty of bulbs out. I also believe there’s a short in my drives side backup light. All will be addressed in due course.

Once I have the vitals done, I’ll move under the dash. Initial checks (after I replaced the dimmer) look positive. I know there are some bulbs out, but I can say that some lights work and the gauges appear to be working as expected as well. That’s all good news, but I’m sure I’ll have some hurdles to overcome as well. After that’s squared away I’ll be looking into the auxiliary circuits (additional lights, etc.).

I’d be remiss to not mention that it won’t all be electrical. I’ve got the jeep fired up, and will be going through the vitals there (steering, brakes, fluids, etc.) as well. The more exciting stuff will be down the road, but it all has to get done.

All in all, I’m happy about the build so far, and pretty excited to boot.

It Lives!!!!

It lives! An oil change and some coaxing the gas out of the tank and she fired up and purred. I won’t call it a kitten, but it idles and runs!

After digging through the wiring, getting confused over and over again, and a good bit of research, the jeep stared and ran again today. This might not seem like a big deal, but considering just how much wiring I removed and disconnected it’s definitely a feat for me. I’m not out of the woods yet, I still have to wire the temperature sending unit, I’m waiting on some wiring that should be here tomorrow, and then on to the lights. One step at a time. After the lights, it will probably be a break from wiring to move on to some mechanics for a while, and then back to the interior (dash) wiring, and auxiliary circuits.

You’ll notice all the wires still sitting looks, for the most part, and that’s because I want to knock out the vitals before I finish wrapping and looming them. I don’t think it’ll be necessary to wait until the aux circuits are in, so I’ll probably get it done when I’m through with the lights.

All in all, today is a good day…

One step forward…

There’s a saying that goes, “one step forward, two steps back”, and it seems like that might be what’s going on with the wiring. I’m still almost done under the hood. I need to get some wire and connectors so I can complete the temperature sending unit connection, which I hope to have done this evening. I also need to double check the heater fan wiring. I was doing some additional checks and it doesn’t come on. It’s also possible that it’s simply toast.

Speaking of the additional checks. it looks like my headlight switch is gone. The parking lights come on, but the headlights no longer come on. I didn’t mess with that wiring, so it is indicative of a bad switch. What’s further indicative of a bad switch is that my dash lights don’t come on either. I’m really hoping that the switch will fix those problems, or at least some of them. It also looks like my flashers and relays are in bad shape, too. They’ll follow directly behind the switch replacement. It seems as though my high beam / low beam selector might be okay, but if the headlight replacement doesn’t fix the main issues it’ll be on the replacement list, too.

I hope to get the passenger front turn signal fixed today or tomorrow, and the oil changed by Sunday. The idea will be to get it started and moved out to do some cleaning and power washing. There’s just a lot of dirt and grime that needs to go away so I can keep finding and fixing problems. Good times!

Feeling encouraged…

I’ve been spending the last few evenings working on the Jeep. I’ve been pulling out no longer necessary wiring, tracing down and labeling other wiring, and re-connecting what needs to be connected. It’s been encouraging to find that a lot of the vitals are still in place and intact, and to be able to trace and identify the vast majority of the rest of the wiring.

At this point I believe I only have 2 or 3 wires left that I want to label, and I still need to re-wire the temperature sending unit, and it has be encouraged. It was trying from time to time, but so far I’ve persevered. Once I get the last bit done, I’ll have to order some loom and finish the tidy up, but it really should help clean the engine compartment nicely.

Now, keep in mind that this is just the under hood stuff that I’m getting close to completing. I still have the lights that need to be re-wired, there’s also short in the drivers taillight that causes it to go out when in reverse, the interior is waiting, and I’ll need to start looking at the other circuits. Check out the additional circuits planning page for some of the stuff I’m looking at adding. 

I have to keep telling myself, “one step at a time”, as I have a tendency to move from one thing to the next and then get overwhelmed when I have so many ongoing projects and it appears as though noting is getting done. That’s simply not the case, and is definitely no reason to give up. 

I’ll likely finish the under hood wiring today or tomorrow, but I won’t wrap it up (loom/etc) until I verify it’s running well and I don’t need to do anything else directly to the wiring. That will come after I get a new battery, and change all the fluids in the motor. The fluids will actually probably fall after I complete the under hood stuff and re-wire the front turn that I know is cut/eaten.

One step at a time…

Long time, no updates…

It’s been a while since I made any updates here, and a good bit has happened in that time. First, the Suzuki GS250 is no more. I ended up selling it to someone restoring his fathers bike. I had it turning over and firing, but didn’t have it completed. I ended up getting a 1995 Suzuki Katana 600 (GS600F) to replace it. It’s actually going to be my daughters bike. More on that in a different post or page.

You may have also noticed a new section for 85 Jeep CJ7. That’s my 1985 Jeep CJ7 Renegade. It was my first “car”, and I’ve probably done more harm than good through the years. Now it’s time to fix that.

It’s in the garage, and I’m currently going through the wiring (there’s a page with pictures on that). Rodents had attached it, and I’ve got a good bit to work through. Fortunately, removing the computer and swapping the carb allows me to remove a LOT of the wiring. There are some other things I’ll need to fix, but I think it’s a doable project. Worst case scenario, I yank the whole thing out and start anew.

There’s a whole list of things that will be done, but one step at a time, right? Get it running and driving and continue the fixes and upgrades.


From the ashes…

After ending up with a rooted trojan in the old site we decided it was time to go ahead and wipe it out and start anew. So this is what you get. An empty site, with not much to go on. We have some plans. Nothing set in stone, so you’ll just have to check back to see what we’ve got going on. Wish us luck!