Another good day…

Yesterday was yet another good day. I received some consumables I was waiting on, and it allowed me to finish wiring up the temperature sending unit. That means that with the exception of actually tying and looming the wiring, the under hood stuff is done. The plan is to wait until I am done with all the wiring (within reason) before I close it in. You never know what might change.

I have since moved onto the other vital circuits (main lights, horn, etc.) and am slowly going through them. The dimmer switch was causing issues, and has been replaced. The horn needs a new relay, which is on order. I have at least one light that needs to be rewired, and there are plenty of bulbs out. I also believe there’s a short in my drives side backup light. All will be addressed in due course.

Once I have the vitals done, I’ll move under the dash. Initial checks (after I replaced the dimmer) look positive. I know there are some bulbs out, but I can say that some lights work and the gauges appear to be working as expected as well. That’s all good news, but I’m sure I’ll have some hurdles to overcome as well. After that’s squared away I’ll be looking into the auxiliary circuits (additional lights, etc.).

I’d be remiss to not mention that it won’t all be electrical. I’ve got the jeep fired up, and will be going through the vitals there (steering, brakes, fluids, etc.) as well. The more exciting stuff will be down the road, but it all has to get done.

All in all, I’m happy about the build so far, and pretty excited to boot.

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