I love it when things work out…

A couple more quick updates….

First, I’ve ordered the new front turn signals and they have apparently shipped. That’ll get the front completed, and give me nice clear lenses on both sides. WooHoo! Sure, I’ve got to rework the wiring and tie those in with the winch signals, but the hard work is done so it shouldn’t take long.

The guys over at jeep-cj.com have suggested that a good cleaning and simply working the turn signals should resolve my brake / rear flasher issues for good. That means I can spend the turn signal switch money on something else. We’ll see. I’ll be doing that in short order so I should know soon enough.

I think I’ve also decided that I’m going to simply replace the connector on the drivers tail light. I just can’t see spending money on a new light when I have waterproof plugs on hand, and I don’t think I’ll ever sell the Jeep. Not to mention, that wouldn’t be the first missing plug on the jeep, either. Time will tell, though. I’m not going to do anything right this minute as there is still plenty of work left to do.

The next things on the menu are to get it back out of the garage so I can power wash it. I’m not sure if that will happen before this weekend, but you never know. I’ll be digging into the dash to make sure all the lights there work as expected. Really that encompasses the back lighting, the parking brake light, and the 4×4 light. At least, I think that’s all. I’m also going to look in my spare parts bin to see if I can find my daughters old stereo. The one that was in the dash is dead, and if I remember correctly hers worked when we swapped it for a more modern unit.

So far things seem to be working out…

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