Had an eventful day…

Today was an eventful day. I was able to get the dash all sorted. From the dash lights to the 4×4 and emergency brake idiot lights, they all light up when they should. I’m stoked. Of course, I still have to tie and loom everything. That par for the course with all the wiring so far.

I took it one step further and started wiring and mocking up my daughters old stereo. It’s old, but it works and has 2 camera inputs for front and rear cameras. That should give me everything I need for music and approach and departure help beyond my spotter. It also angles toward and away from the driver for ease of viewing. A bonus here is that it, too, is wired correctly and comes on when I flip the key to accessory. That’s something I’ve not had in a long time with this rig. More naieve stupidity on my behalf.

I’m not sure how much more wiring I’m going to be doing before I get into some less electrifying 🙂 aspects of the build. I’m going to move it out and wash it as soon as I have the opportunity.

And pictures…

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