Closing that chapter…

The new grill mounted parking/turn lights came in yesterday, and before and after running my son to do some fundraising for the swim team at the football game I was able to pull the old lights, wire up the new lights, and re-install everything. The wiring is ultimately the same as it was before, so there are no pictures of that, but I did get some before and after pictures and the difference is like night and day.

After I finished that up, I did a temporary fix on my hatch lock that may or may not become permanent. It really depends on how well it works. Basically, the cable that goes into the hatch lock mechanism that turns to open it, wasn’t attached. I’m not sure what should attach it, but it’s not a through bolt. I took a .22 casing, shaved it down, and somehow got it in place. It works so far, but I just don’t have warm and fuzzy feelings about it.

The seats are back in, so today will have me power washing it, and giving my daughter her first lesson in driving a manual transmission. If she can drive this, she’ll be able to drive anything 🙂




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