Ups and downs…

Today was a pretty good day. Got up this morning and my daughter and I did some power washing of the under carriage. After that we went through and flushed and bled the brakes so we could start with the education. It was time to give her some insight into the ways of the stick shift.

I’d be remiss if I were to pretend we don’t have a long way to go 😃. She started out and let out on the clutch and took off, no problem at all. Twice in a row at that. The squeals of delight and ear to ear smiles were priceless. She’s got a long way to go, but we spent about 2 hours laughing at the starts, stops, stalls, clutch popping, and bucking. Just like with any of the other journeys we’ve taken, it’s all about building those lasting memories

All was not fun and games, unfortunately. I did find that my radiator is leaking, so another repair to go on the list. We’ve got a few months to work through the driving lessons, the repairs, and the upgrades. Plenty of time, hopefully.


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