Clunk…clunk, clunk…Huh?

While continuing the driving lessons with my daughter, I started hearing some weird noises, feeling some strange vibrations. I say started, but that’s not actually accurate. It’s happened before, but I never really paid it much attention.

Ultimately if I’m driving and I have my RPMs at the higher end of the spectrum for the gear (not over revving by any means) and I go to stop, when I push in the clutch I get a series of clunks and what feels like the transmission / motor torquing. It happens like 3 or 4 times in as many seconds. In my mind, I see the motor torquing counter clockwise each time it does it. The closest thing that comes to mind that I’ve experienced that’s anything like it is the overrun clutch on my tractor.

I looked at the motor mounts, and as far as I could tell they looked good. Apparently that was an incorrect assessment. I took some pictures and those with far more knowledge than me said that the motor is far too close to the firewall. Not only that, but the torque arm bushings look like they’re toast to me. All in all, I’ll be replacing the motor mounts, transmission mount, and torque arm bushings with the “bulletproof” offerings from M.O.R.E. Now I just need to find the money 😀

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